Pride is Family

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today was a pretty relaxed day. Slept until noon for some odd reason, grabbed brunch with a couple friends, and spent the rest of my day either working on projects or preparing for/attending the band banquet. I ran into fellow WWVU DJ and avid pipe enthusiast Nick on my way out of the Mountainlair. We talked and figured out that he missed his bus and would have to wait another hour. On a positive note (I guess for me, that is), he offered to cover my shift on the station next Monday morning. Awesome! I get to go home and spend some time with everyone there!

By the way, I also DJ the college station here. Tune in tonight from 12am-3am EST.

Tonight was the conclusion of the Pride of West Virginia’s 112th season. My top hat and I enjoyed a nice dinner, watched the presentation of awards, and viewed a lovely (and satirical) slideshow of images from the band’s past season.

The Pride was something I dreamed of joining since at least junior high. These past few months have helped me realize those dreams, but they have also made me realize other things. As much as I love my experiences with the band, I chose (and this was decided by me weeks ago) to forgo another year of marching band. As disappointing as this will sound to a lot of my friends in the program, it’s a decision that I think will benefit me. This experience has matured me and taught me so many wonderful things, along with creating memories that will last me throughout my lifetime. However, previous commitments and personal interests have led me elsewhere. The Pride takes a lot of time, work, and dedication. As a result, I have let down many others who need me for an array of events. I hope to get that time back and focus it on my friends and family, along with my other music project that is slowly but steadily building itself up. I apologize if I let down anyone (and I know I will), but in the end,  I said, I think it will benefit me.


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